the author & faq pages

name: Lennie
age: You can figure it out.
horoscope: Pig, Scorpio.
contact form:
faq: can be found right here.

languages: English, Mandarin, French, Japanese, some Cantonese. trying to learn German.

Q: What camera model do you use?
A: Sony Cybershot 10.1 Megapixels.

Q:Where do you buy your skin products?
A: For Artistry and Nu Skin, I get them ordered from contacts. Artistry only comes from Amway and I know someone who is a member who orders the products. As for Korean Beauty Products, I got my TonyMoly Egg Pore wash which I do not see anywhere else online or in other stores from my local Korean Pop Music store. Weird huh? The rest, I buy them from local dealers on Facebook, from face trades and Cube stores.

Q: Can you make a certain graphics for me? (wallpaper, avatar, signature, etc.)
A: Sure. Just leave a comment anywhere and I’ll see it! Preferably here of course.

about: Fetus with a passion for graphic making, skin product reviewing, tweeting, reading yaoi, playing video games, listening to utattemita and staring at korean hotties. Been on the net since 2003.


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