Book Review: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Rating: ★★★★ (5/5)


Seraphina is a well-spun tale that will touch your heart, grapple you in with hooks and refuse to let you go. The world is unbelievable, each character sparkles like a gem and finally, an amazing plot spun with fine golden threads holds this story together.

 Call me crazy, but I devoured this in a whole sitting. And it was worth neglecting my chemistry homework for! Holy crap. That was GOOD. I won’t even try to explain how excited I was to read this. I had hopped to the teens section in the bookstore giggling and grinning, but it turned out that they didn’t move the books from the back of the room yet.
Which is a real pity because this novel was amazingly well written and the store was losing a lot by not putting it out!!! :l
I loved this beyond imagination.
This book struck many chords inside of me for multiple reasons. First, it combined two of the things I adore to death. Dragons, and illegitimate princes. I nearly screamed and dropped the book when I found out Kiggs was illegitimate. A DREAM COME TRUE LEMME TELL YA.
 Second, it reminded me of Janet Lee Carey’s novels which hold a special place in my heart. Although they aren’t perfectly written, the world of Dragonskeep and Dragonswood was magnificent and Hartman managed to make her own sparkling, flawed, and magical world.
The world is fantastic, and so are the characters. Each minor character is amazing in their own sense and of course, so was Seraphina. She wasn’t typical, that’s for sure. Seraphina really is the intelligent and brave young woman and it seeps through her narration. Even I had to admit that she had serious gall and ardor. (Read reviews and was skeptical about her.)I ain’t done yet. The world and the characters are magestic, and so is the plot. It isn’t just a silly world spun magnificently but no real threads of plot holding it together.

 All in all, I loved this book to DEATH. Please please pleaaaase read it.