Book Review: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

✭✭✭✭✭ (5/5 STARS1!!JIOSZFLK)

Let me just gush about how much I loved this book.. and I totally did not expect to love it. (AT


I loved loved loved loved Sam and Jase’s relationship. When Sam ran into Jase’s arms after the disastrous car ride, I felt so safe, and I felt exactly how Sam felt. They were very mature, and I loved the condom purchasing, because that was hilarious. I loved the way they handled the sex and virginity stuff. It was a lot more refreshing than the stuff I’ve read before.

This book was not a typical chicklit. The twist’s were great and intriguing, and the plotline was great. It may seem to start off as a typical romance book, but the real issue that comes up is adding oil to the fire.  It just made me love the book even more. Clay was a crazy asshole, and I loved Tim. I kind of wanted to kick him in the beginning of the book, but he just became precious and awesome. Oh, and Nan can go shove it. Academic dishonesty is not the way to leave what you hate behind.

Then, I felt that Samantha was very relatable, even though she did live a cushy life. She works two jobs; that is exactly like me, and she hates the smell of bacon, oil and coffee. Oh, did I mention that I work at a fast food restaurant and that I hate it too? She was super mature, and I understood all her decisions. Unlike some heroines…

Also, her mother was written really well. Grace came off as uptight, OCD, and neurotic, but I’m glad she did the right thing in the end. I understood her “EVERYTHING IS IN SHADES OF GREY SAMANTHA” logic, and I wish that the book stuck to that, instead of the somewhat happy yet vague ending.

However, all in all, this book really hit the spot, and can really surprise you. Highly recommended.


Book Review: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Rating: ★★★★ (5/5)


Seraphina is a well-spun tale that will touch your heart, grapple you in with hooks and refuse to let you go. The world is unbelievable, each character sparkles like a gem and finally, an amazing plot spun with fine golden threads holds this story together.

 Call me crazy, but I devoured this in a whole sitting. And it was worth neglecting my chemistry homework for! Holy crap. That was GOOD. I won’t even try to explain how excited I was to read this. I had hopped to the teens section in the bookstore giggling and grinning, but it turned out that they didn’t move the books from the back of the room yet.
Which is a real pity because this novel was amazingly well written and the store was losing a lot by not putting it out!!! :l
I loved this beyond imagination.
This book struck many chords inside of me for multiple reasons. First, it combined two of the things I adore to death. Dragons, and illegitimate princes. I nearly screamed and dropped the book when I found out Kiggs was illegitimate. A DREAM COME TRUE LEMME TELL YA.
 Second, it reminded me of Janet Lee Carey’s novels which hold a special place in my heart. Although they aren’t perfectly written, the world of Dragonskeep and Dragonswood was magnificent and Hartman managed to make her own sparkling, flawed, and magical world.
The world is fantastic, and so are the characters. Each minor character is amazing in their own sense and of course, so was Seraphina. She wasn’t typical, that’s for sure. Seraphina really is the intelligent and brave young woman and it seeps through her narration. Even I had to admit that she had serious gall and ardor. (Read reviews and was skeptical about her.)I ain’t done yet. The world and the characters are magestic, and so is the plot. It isn’t just a silly world spun magnificently but no real threads of plot holding it together.

 All in all, I loved this book to DEATH. Please please pleaaaase read it.

(review) Shadow of Night: All Souls Trilogy #2 by Deborah Harkness

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Wow. What a doozy. I originally had anticipates something more clean-cut but Harkness surprised me. She wrote Elizabethan England quite well and the Roman Empire was really great as well. She captured the essences of each world perfectly and I loved everything. Each character was absolutely lovely and I gave my heart to SO many of them. Jack, Annie, the Earl… Each of them were so likeable! Especially Goody and Corra.

Harkness also inserted a lot of side events that sometimes bored me but I absolutely LOVED Philippe. He was a great father figure, and his interactions with Diana made me smile. Speaking of fathers… We get to meet Diana’s! Stephen was exactly how I imagined him to be. (Plus, his appearance was very unexpected for me too.)

ALSO. Marcus and Phoebe. THAT IS MY NEW OTP. Oh my god. I love them. We only got a short introduction of them… and we didn’t even find out how they got together!! Darn you Harkness. I was looking forward to that. :-((


In this novel, we really get to see Diana and Matthew in their married life, and I felt that that their relationship was so much better written than in the first book. They had real issues, and they got through them in a realistic way… and I actually really loved their dynamic in this book. Surprisingly, they actually handled the miscarriage less severely than I would have imagined. Overall, I felt that the “darkness” Matthew was experiencing was quite realistic and wasn’t extremely eye-roll-inducing like in other vampire books.

Funny… Diana even talked about those sappy vampire rape books in the novel. That made me laugh. (lol)

Anyways. although Harkness really indulged in the world and spent a great deal of time within it, I felt that the pacing worked well, and everything was really well written. Highly recommend!!! (Albeit it is a bit long… but you should be used to that.)

[TONYMOLY] Ice Queen Crispy Greentea Pack REVIEW

Hey~*~;.*’! Long time no see you guys. Today’s the last day of my spring break and I finally got into the mood to post again. So here’s a review of a mask I bought a while ago. It’s from TonyMoly and I purchased it at my local Cube store, from a provider.

“Icy cool and crispy touch product with excellent skin soothing effect & perfect skin barrier power.”

Aside from the bad engrish, (this is the description on the product) Yes, it’s icy cool. But can I just give it to you guys?

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

This is what it looks like inside.

…It barely deserves two stars! So basically, it’s a flop to me. It didn’t do anything. I have been using it for a few weeks, somewhat regularly and I see no changes or benefits to my skin. It’s not bad and it’s not good.


  • it feels cold, and minty, good for relaxing
  • the scent is rather nice


  • you are supposed to keep it in the fridge (and HELLO. isn’t this cheating!?? the “cool” feeling probably derives mainly from the fact that it is stored in the fridge.)
  • it has somewhat of a weird texture
  • oh and it costs 22 dollars. for me. What a waste, pffft. I’ll keep using it to not just leave iet there though.

Don’t fret, TonyMoly, I still have hope for you. After all, your egg wash did work miracles on the blackheads on my nose. So I trust you, and I went ahead and pre-ordered the Ice Queen sleeping mask, that I really can’t find anywhere except for online. So stay in tuned for that one, I’m excited for it.

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  • Baviphat Mango Mask
  • TonyMoly Sun Cream

So that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed!

L E N N I E ♥ *~;.:-‘*~!:*:


11.03.2011 Hello everyone! I’ve been quite busy lately so I haven’t been updating in a while. On a depressing note, I’d like to wish luck to everyone in Japan and I pray you are all safe. ♥ Further on, I’ve also bought the TonyMoly Ice Queen Mask so keep in touch for that review! Let’s get going.

Rating: ★★★★☆

4/5! I would give it higher if it did more of what it was supposed to do. It somewhat cleaned my pores but it didn’t clean them 100%. Well, I don’t blame it. I don’t see any other beauty product that can actually do that. But I really loved this face wash because just a tiny rub with your hands and you get so much soap. The first time I used it, I rubbed too much like I do with my normal soap and I realized it was way too much! Haha :>

Also, the smell is super nice if you ignore the small egg-ish smell. I love the brown egg’s smell more than the white one’s. They’re both nice though, of course. I also loved the design so much and after you wash the soap off, your skin feels awesome and really clean. Bordering squeaky clean and not so squeaky.

I would definitely recommend this product…. as a normal face wash.

But then again, my pores are horrible. So it might work for other people. Just not me.  Definitely buying again once I run out! Which is not very likely. I’ve been using it day and night since I bought it two/one ago for around eight bucks. Still loving it!

Very worth a shot!



3.5.2011 Hi! Welcome back to another AMELIOSKIN post on Skeleton Life.

SKIN FOOD’S Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam

DISCLAIMER: I do not know Skin Food, advertise it, or am associated with it. This review’s goal is merely to inform people of the information of this product.

note: this is a one time use sample that came with my tonymoly egg wash.

My first impression when I ripped open the top, was that it smelled gorgeous! Like sweet honey mixed with bubble tea or something. It even LOOKS like honey when I squished it onto my hand. So after making it into a foam with my hands, I started washing my face.

…and damn. It kind of stung.

So it stings. For me, but I gotta say, I KIND of have sensitive skin. All in all, I’ve come to the conclusion that you should NOT use this product if you have sensitive skin.

Secondly, I OPENED my eyes, and it stung even more. This product must have low pH or something… and it was difficult to wash off as well. My skin did not feel squeaky clean or anything like with the TonyMoly egg pore wash after I washed it off. So here’s a little summary about it.


  • it stung.
  • probably not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • smelled great.
  • washed off horribly.
  • stings your eyes if you open them.

…I am hesitant to try the Aloe Cleanser but I will for you guys though! :>;;

I recommend you get a sample before buying this product. Might not be suitable for all.

So anyways, thank you for reading! This has been