(review) SCARLET: Book Two of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


I received this Advance Reader’s copy thanks to Marissa Meyer herself! Many thanks.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Phew! I finally received this long awaited ARC! (Funny enough, it was squished into my tiny apartment mailbox, but came out perfectly intact.)

First Impressions

The fairytale twist in Cinder is a bit different than I expected, but I’m totally down for it. Wolf was a fantastic character (although I thought his introduction was a bit hilarious for some reason) and the only word I can use to describe him and Scarlet is… sexy.

The novel started off slightly slower than I expected, but it definitely picked itself up. I didn’t really like Scarlet at first, because she seemed like a typical hotheaded young lady. When the POV switched to Cinder, I was really glad for the first half of the book. Scarlet was a little bit too angry for my liking. I guess she sort of redeemed herself with Wolf!


Cinder, of course, was absolutely fantastic. I could tell that she was still wavering in her resolve, but she proved to be a strong lead in the end.

Scarlet, bored me at times with her cliche lines and feelings… I think Cinder was too much of a refreshing POV for me! I slowly came to admire her bravery in the face of adversity, and also her weaknesses, which were of course… merely human weaknesses. She couldn’t help them.

An interesting switch in  POV from Cinder who was always mistreated and had many doubts, to Scarlet who is loud, angry, and strong. 


…and last but not least, what I liked and didn’t liked. It was a bit slow going with the introduction but it slowly picked up the pace towards the end and I felt that this novel paced the story for Cinder, and allowed her to gather her thoughts and come to a resolve. Scarlet’s plot seems independent, but I’m sure she’ll play an important role in the novels to come.

What I didn’t like was that I felt that I was being dragged along, whereas when I was reading Cinder, I was on my toes constantly.

What I liked was the refreshing originality, romance, and overall plot.

Seriously looking forward to the next novel. OASIDFLKASJF (I might have to wait the same time as everyone else next time though D:)



[TONYMOLY] Ice Queen Crispy Greentea Pack REVIEW

Hey~*~;.*’! Long time no see you guys. Today’s the last day of my spring break and I finally got into the mood to post again. So here’s a review of a mask I bought a while ago. It’s from TonyMoly and I purchased it at my local Cube store, from a provider.

“Icy cool and crispy touch product with excellent skin soothing effect & perfect skin barrier power.”

Aside from the bad engrish, (this is the description on the product) Yes, it’s icy cool. But can I just give it to you guys?

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

This is what it looks like inside.

…It barely deserves two stars! So basically, it’s a flop to me. It didn’t do anything. I have been using it for a few weeks, somewhat regularly and I see no changes or benefits to my skin. It’s not bad and it’s not good.


  • it feels cold, and minty, good for relaxing
  • the scent is rather nice


  • you are supposed to keep it in the fridge (and HELLO. isn’t this cheating!?? the “cool” feeling probably derives mainly from the fact that it is stored in the fridge.)
  • it has somewhat of a weird texture
  • oh and it costs 22 dollars. for me. What a waste, pffft. I’ll keep using it to not just leave iet there though.

Don’t fret, TonyMoly, I still have hope for you. After all, your egg wash did work miracles on the blackheads on my nose. So I trust you, and I went ahead and pre-ordered the Ice Queen sleeping mask, that I really can’t find anywhere except for online. So stay in tuned for that one, I’m excited for it.

Other Upcoming Posts:

  • Baviphat Mango Mask
  • TonyMoly Sun Cream

So that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed!

L E N N I E ♥ *~;.:-‘*~!:*:


11.03.2011 Hello everyone! I’ve been quite busy lately so I haven’t been updating in a while. On a depressing note, I’d like to wish luck to everyone in Japan and I pray you are all safe. ♥ Further on, I’ve also bought the TonyMoly Ice Queen Mask so keep in touch for that review! Let’s get going.

Rating: ★★★★☆

4/5! I would give it higher if it did more of what it was supposed to do. It somewhat cleaned my pores but it didn’t clean them 100%. Well, I don’t blame it. I don’t see any other beauty product that can actually do that. But I really loved this face wash because just a tiny rub with your hands and you get so much soap. The first time I used it, I rubbed too much like I do with my normal soap and I realized it was way too much! Haha :>

Also, the smell is super nice if you ignore the small egg-ish smell. I love the brown egg’s smell more than the white one’s. They’re both nice though, of course. I also loved the design so much and after you wash the soap off, your skin feels awesome and really clean. Bordering squeaky clean and not so squeaky.

I would definitely recommend this product…. as a normal face wash.

But then again, my pores are horrible. So it might work for other people. Just not me.  Definitely buying again once I run out! Which is not very likely. I’ve been using it day and night since I bought it two/one ago for around eight bucks. Still loving it!

Very worth a shot!



Hello everyone! This post is a schedule for all you people anticipating more posts. I don’t think there is any, but I’m pretty surprised by the number of hits my posts got. I guess that skin care is a popular topic!

So, this post is a request post, where you can comment below and if you have a request for a post from me that you would really like to see. Please keep it outside makeup, because I don’t know a thing about makeup. That’s probably good anyways.

#2, is a schedule that will display a chronological order of the posts I am planning to do.
If they do not end up in the exact order, please do not blame me! This is just a general idea.

sometime this week:

  • tonymoly shiny egg pore wash review
  • healthy diet guide+tips and some skin care post revisions
  • maybe some random post about lotions

next week:

  • tonymoly random product review (planning to go buy one this weekend)
  • a random post that i will research about.

after march 16th: I ordered a lemon night mask from Baviphat and my sister is ordering some other Baviphat stuff too! So after mid-March, there will be some Baviphat product reviews. Stay in tuned!


alright. and that is all!


this has been your fetus


.;:*☆*★.*lennie’s tips for skin care’;*★*.☆.:;*


These are Lennie’s tips to good skin, what not to do, what to avoid, and what to follow.
Also, I would like to point out, that even though I do not have perfect skin, I have had lots of experience through out my gangly somewhat-pimply teenage hood. Trust me. (Even though I’m still young.)


the most important thing that you must not forget.

  • under any circumstance.
  • even if your hands are clean.

Explanation? Your hands are disgusting. I am not joking! Even if you have washed your hands, you can never be too safe. Also, if you have even a small bit of nails, (unless you’ve cut them to the edge for piano like I do) small dirt particles that get into your pores will transform to blackheads, and/or whiteheads, and/or pimples. Basically, it’s going to get worse if you touch your face.



Although you think squeezing out that one huge bulging blackhead is going to hide it for tomorrow or maybe even get out forever, you haven’t done no shit. It will not work, because you never really get to the deep down of the pore. Even if you think you did, and you do not believe me, then think about this.

You are just ENLARGING your pore. Then what?
BIGGER PORES, means that dirt will get into it more easily. Then here come more blackheads and all that jazz.

Also, do not use any blackhead remover instruments. If you haven’t cleaned them properly before using then that can also result in MORE blackheads.

edit: squeezing anything on your face will very likely result in scars. SCARS.



sugar, salt, spices, and anything strongly flavoured.

Acne is a result from stress, hormones, bad eating habits, and anything dirty that gets on your face. In order to have better skin, have a better diet. I’m saying this for everyone, because naturally, for a better ANYTHING, you must follow a healthy diet. Those are the basics.

Spice, especially, is not good for the skin. Add less sugar into your coffee, less syrup onto your pancakes, no whipping cream, do whatever it takes to reduce those excess flavourings.


…if you aren’t already, *WASH YOUR FACE IN THE DAY AND AT NIGHT.
It’s best to wash your face right when you wake up with COLD water, because you can reduce eye bags by/and tightening your pores first thing in the morning. Try ICE COLD WATER. Warm water just opens up pores, and if your face wash is difficult to wash off with cold water, just don’t use that wash then. Find a better one.

Use face wash, definitely. But make sure to find the right one.

EDIT: thanks to @cornho on twitter or jenna i feel the need to mention, that you must WASH YOUR FACE WITH CLEANSER FIRST, before using any skin products such as toner or lotion. Or it will jenna: “defeat the purpose”.



Even if you have sensitive skin, there are DEFINITELY products out there for you. Try using…

  1. Toner (conditioning, hydrating, pH balancers are all good. Better if you find them all.)
  2. Day Cream/Supply or Night Supply. (This is really important. Your skin needs lotion+nutrients. The effect is also very obvious for me if I use it or not. Might vary for those with not so dry skin. Plus, I live in a dry city.)



  • nu skin (if you have great skin, try their bar face wash, it’s very nice. not strong enough for those with bad skin though.)
  • tonymoly (omg im so biased but i love their products! they leave my face feeling awesome.)
  • the body/face shop (don’t use their samples though. they are SHIT. +i hate their cotton pads)
  • baviphat (i heard some good things)

Depends on each person, but I am a person living in a dry city, with some what sensitive skin.
There are for sure more products out there, but those are the basics. Thanks for reading! This is



3.5.2011 Hi! Welcome back to another AMELIOSKIN post on Skeleton Life.

SKIN FOOD’S Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam

DISCLAIMER: I do not know Skin Food, advertise it, or am associated with it. This review’s goal is merely to inform people of the information of this product.

note: this is a one time use sample that came with my tonymoly egg wash.

My first impression when I ripped open the top, was that it smelled gorgeous! Like sweet honey mixed with bubble tea or something. It even LOOKS like honey when I squished it onto my hand. So after making it into a foam with my hands, I started washing my face.

…and damn. It kind of stung.

So it stings. For me, but I gotta say, I KIND of have sensitive skin. All in all, I’ve come to the conclusion that you should NOT use this product if you have sensitive skin.

Secondly, I OPENED my eyes, and it stung even more. This product must have low pH or something… and it was difficult to wash off as well. My skin did not feel squeaky clean or anything like with the TonyMoly egg pore wash after I washed it off. So here’s a little summary about it.


  • it stung.
  • probably not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • smelled great.
  • washed off horribly.
  • stings your eyes if you open them.

…I am hesitant to try the Aloe Cleanser but I will for you guys though! :>;;

I recommend you get a sample before buying this product. Might not be suitable for all.

So anyways, thank you for reading! This has been




Hello there readers~! This is Lennie reporting in, so now I have gained a new project/mission, and it’s called    amelioskin. Basically, ameliorate and skin put together. so YES, I am seeking new ways to improve my skin  condition! So i have purchased tonymoly’s egg pore cleansing soup as my first project.. Here are the details.

* to improve my skin
* to provide everyone with reviews

* in no way am i promoting any brands that i take photos of, or mention.
* i do not own or am not associated with tonymoly, nu skin, or amway in any way.

Let’s start! Alright, so these are the products that I am ALREADY using.

THE BODY SHOP’S Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

I quite like the smell of this product!

NU SKIN’S pH balance toner

I feel incomplete without this toner. It’s a great toner for those with oily skin.

ARTISTRY’S Conditioning Toner

I would like to point out that I DO use two toners, however one is pH balancing, while the other is a conditioning toner. I use both my toners with out a cotton pad. I once tried some from the Body Shop stupidly. Toner’s are obviously meant to be applied with your hands.

This toner is more thick, which obviously shows that it is a conditioning toner. The smell of this toner is utterly gorgeous and I love it to death! Highly recommended, but please not that this IS only a conditioning toner.
NU SKIN’S Night Supply cream

The smell of this product is nice, not overpowering, and not overly scented. I really wish to point this one out because it’s effects are so immediate! You put it on at night before going to bed, and in the morning, your skin really shows a difference. Don’t trust me too much on this one though, because I never used night supplies before this one. Again, highly recommended.


I bought this product because I wished to try the brand out, (heard good things about the tomatox whitening mask which I bought for a friend) and my pores are utterly terrible. So first of all, the design is so cute! It really is attractive.

The first soap I tried is the white egg one, on the left. It smells funny because of the egg, I admit. But once you wash it off, it does smell quit nice and I like it. I tried the brown egg this morning and it smells better, but yes, still has the strange-ish egg smell. Don’t let that be a turn-off though, because my skin felt great after using it! I will write a full review after using it for a few days.

Also, beware, do not use too much or you’ll end up like me! The first time I tried the white egg soap, I put way too much on my hand, and it took me forever to wash off my face. FOREVER.

These samples of Skin Food were also included with my purchase! So stay in tune for those ones.

I hope I’ve seriously well informed you about some products you have been curious about~ Thanks for reading!