Book Review: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

✭✭✭✭✭ (5/5 STARS1!!JIOSZFLK)

Let me just gush about how much I loved this book.. and I totally did not expect to love it. (AT


I loved loved loved loved Sam and Jase’s relationship. When Sam ran into Jase’s arms after the disastrous car ride, I felt so safe, and I felt exactly how Sam felt. They were very mature, and I loved the condom purchasing, because that was hilarious. I loved the way they handled the sex and virginity stuff. It was a lot more refreshing than the stuff I’ve read before.

This book was not a typical chicklit. The twist’s were great and intriguing, and the plotline was great. It may seem to start off as a typical romance book, but the real issue that comes up is adding oil to the fire.  It just made me love the book even more. Clay was a crazy asshole, and I loved Tim. I kind of wanted to kick him in the beginning of the book, but he just became precious and awesome. Oh, and Nan can go shove it. Academic dishonesty is not the way to leave what you hate behind.

Then, I felt that Samantha was very relatable, even though she did live a cushy life. She works two jobs; that is exactly like me, and she hates the smell of bacon, oil and coffee. Oh, did I mention that I work at a fast food restaurant and that I hate it too? She was super mature, and I understood all her decisions. Unlike some heroines…

Also, her mother was written really well. Grace came off as uptight, OCD, and neurotic, but I’m glad she did the right thing in the end. I understood her “EVERYTHING IS IN SHADES OF GREY SAMANTHA” logic, and I wish that the book stuck to that, instead of the somewhat happy yet vague ending.

However, all in all, this book really hit the spot, and can really surprise you. Highly recommended.


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