Book Review: Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols

★★★★★ (5/5stars)!!!!!!

First off, I would like to say that this book was perfect. Amazing. Crazy good. Echols isn’t afraid to reveal the underbellies of society, and she shows that the underbelly isn’t always bad as well. Good can come out of it. Like Leah.

Let’s start off with the cover. The girl with her crazy flying hair seems irrelevant at first, but you read into the book, and realize that her hair is pretty important. It’s mentioned a lot of times.

Then, the title. Perfect. It was a motif throughout the whole book and wound its way through everything Grayson and Leah said. It was an amazing thing to work around, and it just held up the book so well. Grayson and Leah ran on adrenaline, and every time the word “rush” was mentioned, I wanted to scream in delight. It was absolute PERFEEEECTION.

Alright, you might be shocked to read about Leah at first. The poor trailer park girl with the crazy mum who lost her virginity when she was fourteen… but she manages to escape her past and finds a passion. And that passion saves her from going down the wrong road. People judge her so hard, but she manages it so well. She doesn’t let it get to her, and not in those obvious ways that usual YA heroines display it. Her narration skims over the judgemental people, and she doesn’t need to point it out. It just shows that she’s strong, and doesn’t let that shit get to her. Leah is amazing.

And yes. I was a bit repulsed when they first mentioned her smoking, but when Mr. Hall made her quit… I pumped my fist!
The smoking was very realistic. Yes. It’s something that happens but I’m happy that the author pulled Leah out of it. It made me really happy because Leah had become a friend to me. I wanted the best for her.

The romance is written really well as well, and yes. Leah and Grayson is such a rush.
The deaths, were also very realistic. I’m sorry that they happened, but they really left a mark on the characters that made them so much more interesting to read about, and made everyone so much more complex. (Although, I did resent Molly a bit at times.)

If you’re looking for a well-written, well-paced, WELL THOUGHT OUT BOOK, THIS IS IT. I can’t think of any flaws at the moment. It was sooo good.


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