(review) SCARLET: Book Two of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


I received this Advance Reader’s copy thanks to Marissa Meyer herself! Many thanks.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Phew! I finally received this long awaited ARC! (Funny enough, it was squished into my tiny apartment mailbox, but came out perfectly intact.)

First Impressions

The fairytale twist in Cinder is a bit different than I expected, but I’m totally down for it. Wolf was a fantastic character (although I thought his introduction was a bit hilarious for some reason) and the only word I can use to describe him and Scarlet is… sexy.

The novel started off slightly slower than I expected, but it definitely picked itself up. I didn’t really like Scarlet at first, because she seemed like a typical hotheaded young lady. When the POV switched to Cinder, I was really glad for the first half of the book. Scarlet was a little bit too angry for my liking. I guess she sort of redeemed herself with Wolf!


Cinder, of course, was absolutely fantastic. I could tell that she was still wavering in her resolve, but she proved to be a strong lead in the end.

Scarlet, bored me at times with her cliche lines and feelings… I think Cinder was too much of a refreshing POV for me! I slowly came to admire her bravery in the face of adversity, and also her weaknesses, which were of course… merely human weaknesses. She couldn’t help them.

An interesting switch in  POV from Cinder who was always mistreated and had many doubts, to Scarlet who is loud, angry, and strong. 


…and last but not least, what I liked and didn’t liked. It was a bit slow going with the introduction but it slowly picked up the pace towards the end and I felt that this novel paced the story for Cinder, and allowed her to gather her thoughts and come to a resolve. Scarlet’s plot seems independent, but I’m sure she’ll play an important role in the novels to come.

What I didn’t like was that I felt that I was being dragged along, whereas when I was reading Cinder, I was on my toes constantly.

What I liked was the refreshing originality, romance, and overall plot.

Seriously looking forward to the next novel. OASIDFLKASJF (I might have to wait the same time as everyone else next time though D:)



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