11.03.2011 Hello everyone! I’ve been quite busy lately so I haven’t been updating in a while. On a depressing note, I’d like to wish luck to everyone in Japan and I pray you are all safe. ♥ Further on, I’ve also bought the TonyMoly Ice Queen Mask so keep in touch for that review! Let’s get going.

Rating: ★★★★☆

4/5! I would give it higher if it did more of what it was supposed to do. It somewhat cleaned my pores but it didn’t clean them 100%. Well, I don’t blame it. I don’t see any other beauty product that can actually do that. But I really loved this face wash because just a tiny rub with your hands and you get so much soap. The first time I used it, I rubbed too much like I do with my normal soap and I realized it was way too much! Haha :>

Also, the smell is super nice if you ignore the small egg-ish smell. I love the brown egg’s smell more than the white one’s. They’re both nice though, of course. I also loved the design so much and after you wash the soap off, your skin feels awesome and really clean. Bordering squeaky clean and not so squeaky.

I would definitely recommend this product…. as a normal face wash.

But then again, my pores are horrible. So it might work for other people. Just not me.  Definitely buying again once I run out! Which is not very likely. I’ve been using it day and night since I bought it two/one ago for around eight bucks. Still loving it!

Very worth a shot!



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