Hello everyone! This post is a schedule for all you people anticipating more posts. I don’t think there is any, but I’m pretty surprised by the number of hits my posts got. I guess that skin care is a popular topic!

So, this post is a request post, where you can comment below and if you have a request for a post from me that you would really like to see. Please keep it outside makeup, because I don’t know a thing about makeup. That’s probably good anyways.

#2, is a schedule that will display a chronological order of the posts I am planning to do.
If they do not end up in the exact order, please do not blame me! This is just a general idea.

sometime this week:

  • tonymoly shiny egg pore wash review
  • healthy diet guide+tips and some skin care post revisions
  • maybe some random post about lotions

next week:

  • tonymoly random product review (planning to go buy one this weekend)
  • a random post that i will research about.

after march 16th: I ordered a lemon night mask from Baviphat and my sister is ordering some other Baviphat stuff too! So after mid-March, there will be some Baviphat product reviews. Stay in tuned!


alright. and that is all!


this has been your fetus



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