3.5.2011 Hi! Welcome back to another AMELIOSKIN post on Skeleton Life.

SKIN FOOD’S Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam

DISCLAIMER: I do not know Skin Food, advertise it, or am associated with it. This review’s goal is merely to inform people of the information of this product.

note: this is a one time use sample that came with my tonymoly egg wash.

My first impression when I ripped open the top, was that it smelled gorgeous! Like sweet honey mixed with bubble tea or something. It even LOOKS like honey when I squished it onto my hand. So after making it into a foam with my hands, I started washing my face.

…and damn. It kind of stung.

So it stings. For me, but I gotta say, I KIND of have sensitive skin. All in all, I’ve come to the conclusion that you should NOT use this product if you have sensitive skin.

Secondly, I OPENED my eyes, and it stung even more. This product must have low pH or something… and it was difficult to wash off as well. My skin did not feel squeaky clean or anything like with the TonyMoly egg pore wash after I washed it off. So here’s a little summary about it.


  • it stung.
  • probably not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • smelled great.
  • washed off horribly.
  • stings your eyes if you open them.

…I am hesitant to try the Aloe Cleanser but I will for you guys though! :>;;

I recommend you get a sample before buying this product. Might not be suitable for all.

So anyways, thank you for reading! This has been



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