Hello there readers~! This is Lennie reporting in, so now I have gained a new project/mission, and it’s called    amelioskin. Basically, ameliorate and skin put together. so YES, I am seeking new ways to improve my skin  condition! So i have purchased tonymoly’s egg pore cleansing soup as my first project.. Here are the details.

* to improve my skin
* to provide everyone with reviews

* in no way am i promoting any brands that i take photos of, or mention.
* i do not own or am not associated with tonymoly, nu skin, or amway in any way.

Let’s start! Alright, so these are the products that I am ALREADY using.

THE BODY SHOP’S Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

I quite like the smell of this product!

NU SKIN’S pH balance toner

I feel incomplete without this toner. It’s a great toner for those with oily skin.

ARTISTRY’S Conditioning Toner

I would like to point out that I DO use two toners, however one is pH balancing, while the other is a conditioning toner. I use both my toners with out a cotton pad. I once tried some from the Body Shop stupidly. Toner’s are obviously meant to be applied with your hands.

This toner is more thick, which obviously shows that it is a conditioning toner. The smell of this toner is utterly gorgeous and I love it to death! Highly recommended, but please not that this IS only a conditioning toner.
NU SKIN’S Night Supply cream

The smell of this product is nice, not overpowering, and not overly scented. I really wish to point this one out because it’s effects are so immediate! You put it on at night before going to bed, and in the morning, your skin really shows a difference. Don’t trust me too much on this one though, because I never used night supplies before this one. Again, highly recommended.


I bought this product because I wished to try the brand out, (heard good things about the tomatox whitening mask which I bought for a friend) and my pores are utterly terrible. So first of all, the design is so cute! It really is attractive.

The first soap I tried is the white egg one, on the left. It smells funny because of the egg, I admit. But once you wash it off, it does smell quit nice and I like it. I tried the brown egg this morning and it smells better, but yes, still has the strange-ish egg smell. Don’t let that be a turn-off though, because my skin felt great after using it! I will write a full review after using it for a few days.

Also, beware, do not use too much or you’ll end up like me! The first time I tried the white egg soap, I put way too much on my hand, and it took me forever to wash off my face. FOREVER.

These samples of Skin Food were also included with my purchase! So stay in tune for those ones.

I hope I’ve seriously well informed you about some products you have been curious about~ Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “[AMELIOSKIN PROJECT] day1 & day2

  1. hmm where did you get the tonymoly egg thing?
    i have terrible pores too, i tried the nose strip once and it hurted like a bitch

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